4 Places to Invest in Advertising for Your Franchise

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Want to drive more traffic to your franchise location or website? While your franchisor will do some of the marketing for you, perhaps through national commercials or promotions, it’s also your responsibility to market your business locally.

Franchise Advertising is a great way to make people in your area aware of your brand and drive traffic to your location. Here are a few places to consider when investing advertising dollars.


  1. Your Local Newspaper

While it may seem old-school, your town’s newspaper is a great resource to create awareness and drive sales. Coupons tend to work best in print newspaper and are easy to track (someone brings in the coupon and you know exactly how they heard about you). Most newspapers offer a hybrid advertising option that includes print as well as digital advertising, and the latter can help drive traffic to your website.


  1. Local Deals

Whether it’s GrouponYelpLiving Social, or another deal site, these discounted offers are a fantastic way to attract new customers to your business. Typically you are required to discount a product or offering by 50% or more, but the idea is that once people come in for the deal, they’ll be back and pay full price next time.


Be aware that offering a deal can flood you with business for a few weeks, and that’s not always a good thing. Make sure you have plenty of manpower, and if you accept appointments, be aware that you’ll be servicing a ton of those deal customers and possibly not making any profit on them.


  1. Pay-Per-Click Ads

If your goal is to get to the top of search results in your industry, consider pay-per-click ads. Essentially, you agree to pay a set amount every time someone types in a relevant keyword to appear at the top of search results. Rates per keyword vary, and some of the more popular ones can cost $50 or more, so choose your keywords carefully.


  1. Social Media Ads

Looking to attract more social media followers and get clicks back to your site? Several social media platforms, including LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter offer social media ads. The price is right: you usually pay per thousand impressions or per goal reached (such a number of followers). Start out with a modest budget, like $50, and see what kind of results you get before you invest more.


Whichever ad platforms you decide to try for franchise advertising, make sure your ad messaging is highly targeted and includes a call to action. You can test out different coupons if that’s part of your ad and see which nets best results.


Source: FranchiseDirect

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