5 Tips for Running a Home-Based Franchise

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If the idea of going to an office every day — or working at a retail store daily — doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of home-based franchises to consider that will allow you to work from home while growing your business.

But be warned: running a home-based business isn’t for everyone. You’ve got to be strict with yourself and stay focused to get your work done (no midday bingeing on Scandal!). Use these tips to make sure you stay productive and on target.

Tip 1: Set a Schedule

While you don’t necessarily have to work 9 to 5 every day, you do need to establish work hours. This helps you maintain consistency in your work, and it also lets people know when it’s best to contact you.

Tip 2: Make Your Space Productive

Whether you have a room you can dedicate to your home office or not, you do need to carve out workspace for your business. That means having a desk (even if it’s in a closet!), office supplies, and peace and quiet so that you have a space where you can focus solely on your business.

Tip 3: Ignore the Distractors

It’s easy to get distracted by piles of laundry, snacks in the kitchen, or your Netflix queue, but resist the urge. Keep your work hat on and pretend you’re not at home. Your chores and guilty pleasures can wait until quitting time.

Tip 4: Choose a Franchise That Fits Your Needs

There are a variety of home-based franchises to choose from, so find one that fits your interests and experiences. If you love working with other businesses, look at becoming a franchise consultant or mobile marketing expert. If you have experience in the medical industry, consider buying a drug testing franchise. Whatever you pick, make sure it’s something you could see yourself doing for the foreseeable future.

Tip 5: Get Help

Just because you run your business out of your home doesn’t mean you need to be a one-person show. You can hire a virtual team if you don’t want people working with you in your home, or hire a freelancer for one-off projects like graphic design.

Just like with any business, a home-based franchise requires you to get into good work habits, so spend time setting those up to ensure your franchise’s success.

Source: FranchiseDirect

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