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Brainx Group is one among the fastest growing company in the education and skill development segment with tens of thousands happy customers. Brainx is a professional organization with experience in psychology and education and provide unique training programs to maximize the use of brain potential.

Brainx Products and services

  • Center Brain Ignition — C B I

Brainx CBI (Center brain ignition) also known as midbrain activation, is a scientifically designed 36 hours’ workshop for children with the age group of 5 to 14 years, which  synchronizes the left brain with the right brain and enhances the power of the brain  resulting into the increase in concentration, focus, memory retention, creativity, reading & writing ability  and confidence etc…

External proof…child may get the ability to do many things blindfolded gradually

 Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test — DMIT

Brainx DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) is a unique & scientific technology to identify the inborn potential of skills, abilities and talents of a person using the science of Dermatoglyphics (Scientific Finger Print Analysis) and the theory of Multiple Intelligence by Dr.Howard Gardner (Harvard University).

Brainx DMIT along with personalized professional counselling will not only give the idea about the strengths, areas of improvement and opportunities but also provide remedial suggestions to improve the weakness and explore hidden potential of your child.

Why Brainx?

  • Established brand having presence in Maharashtra/ Mumbai, West Bengal, Kerala, Karnataka, Delhi, , Assam, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab etc.
  • Professional organization having its own team of psychologists, trainers, counselors, researchers along with specialized sales and service team.
  • Only company to make the use of modern technology to provide professional counselling for every DMIT report while many other companies just read the report.
  • Completed more than 12,000 reports with satisfied customers since 2010.
  • Brainx midbrain activation comprises of 1 hour 20 mins scientific sound frequencies created by various Neuroscientists associated with reputed brain research organizations such as IBRO (International brain research organization) and SFN (society for neuroscience).

Investment: INR 4-10 Lacs

For details contact:

Email:   Call: +91 99586 75599

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    I am very interested for child (brain)development part. I have experience in this area, but how will start it,I haven’t idea about this.

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