Mc Donald’s Franchise – KFC Franchise – Domino’s Franchise: International Franchising Brands in India

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India in the past 20 years has seen a huge exposure of Internal Food Brands entering and successfully operating in India. Be it Mc Donald’s or KFC, Domino’s, Subway and so on we have seen the acceptance of these brands in India and they are growing at much faster rate in India as compared to many developed and developing economies of the world.

One of the biggest reasons for their massive expansion and success of these brands is “Franchising.” Franchise as a model for business expansion is considered a win-win situation to both Franchisor and Franchisee and the eventually the customers. Another important reasons for their success in different markets is their ability to adapt to local taste and preferences without deviating from their Core concept.

Considering the visibility, profitability and popularity of these brands lot of people ask us how to get Mc Donald’s franchise, KFC Franchise, Domino’s franchise in India. Unfortunately, most of these brands have entered India through Master Franchise Agreements like Jubilant Food Works for Domino’s, Devyani International for KFC and Pizza Hut, Hardcastle restaurant and Cannaught Plaza Restaurants for Mc Donalds as their Master Franchisee and do not give further franchisees.

Some of the popular food brands that are franchising in India includes Subway, Pita Pit, Carl’s Jr., FatBurger, Quiznos etc.

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