Emerging Franchise Opportunities in India

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With the growing interest in new business ventures the demand for Franchise Business in India is on the rise. In fact, demand for Low Cost Franchise opportunities in India is growing fast as people are willing to invest in new business with a relatively low capital investment and gradually scaling up the businesses, rather than putting money in bigger formats.

We are listing couple of emerging low investment franchise opportunities in India which have high probability of success:

  1. Momo Nation Café (MNC)

Momo Nation Cafe Franchise

Momo Nation Café (MNC) is a Quick Service Restaurant Chain serving hot sumptuous food with best quality ingredients, that too at affordable price. The franchise program of MNC is designed in a way that offers an abundance of essential leverage ingredients which assures smooth operations, increased profitability, more successful franchise start-up. Click Momo Nation Cafe Franchise for more details.

Investment: INR 5-8 Lacs

Area Required: 100- 300 sq ft





2. 34 Chowringhee Lane
34 Chowringhee Lane Franchise


When we think of authentic rolls, our mind takes us to the busy streets of Kolkata. Our journey with 34, Chowringhee Lane began years ago with the idea of bringing the quintessential taste of Kolkata to Delhi, with a North Indian twist. Click 34 Chowringhee Lane Franchise for more details.

Investment: INR 7-10 Lacs

Area Required: 100-250 sq ft




3.Shake Shook Café


Shake Shook cafe Franchise

Shake Shook Café is one of its kind Healthy Shakes parlour with over 1000 varieties of Milk shakes. The menu covers wide range of Milk and Soda based shakes at affordable price. Click Shake Shook Cafe Franchise for more details.

Investment: INR 6-9 Lacs

Area Required: 100- 300 sq ft







4. Sardar Meat Shop
SardarMeat Shop

SARDAR A PURE MEAT SHOP has been a part of SARDAR FROZEN PRODUCTS since year 2002. Sardar Meat Shop has its own processing plant at Sonipat where health and hygiene test are maintained while handling birds and animals. We provide fresh, frozen and ready to eat varieties of foods at our outlets. Click Sardar Meat Shop Franchise for more details.

Investment: INR 15-22 Lacs

Area Req.: 250-500 sq ft




5. Spanish Delights


Spanish Delights Franchise Opportunity

Spanish Delights is an emerging Ice Cream Chain in North India in collaboration with a renowned Spanish Company having presence in European and Gulf countries. We are manufacturers of natural delicious ice creams, currently serving at parlours in posh localities of Delhi. Products include packaged off-the shelf products like fruit popsicles, iced popsicles, and cream bars. Click Spanish Delights Franchise for more details.

Investment: INR 2.5- 5 Lacs

Area Req.: 40-300 sq. ft




  1. Brainx
    Brainx Learning Franchise

Brainx Group is one among the fastest growing company in the education and skill development segment with tens of thousands happy customers. We are a professional organization with experience in psychology and education. We provide unique training programs to maximize the use of brain potential. Click Brainx Franchise for more details.

Investment: INR 4-8 Lacs

Area Required: 0- 500 sq. ft



For more Franchise Opportunities in Indiahttp://www.franchiseinindia.in/franchising-brands/

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