The Complication with Strategy Formulation and Execution

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Only 9% of the companies turn their strategies into actual outcome. Even the well build up companies with extreme resources and deep pockets often fail to strategize their line up of activities. One of the main reasons behind this failure is less understand-ability of the plan made and the objectives of the company in the long run. Lengthy, complex, rigid and less-humane strategies are formed by the companies and it often resembles mix of objectives, action sequences and considerations. When a company makes such kind of complex plans, it becomes pain for the people to monitor and manage. With time, these strategies and plans die a painful death leaving behind a sulking company.

In order to combat all these, companies plan needs to be straight, friendly because if people cannot understand it then how can you expect to implement it. The plan should be short, simple and confined to a page or two maximum. The clarification of objectives and priorities should be made in such a way that it represents the current and future aspirations in one beautiful picture. There should be minimum deviations and it should also blend the ambitions of the people working with the company. Vision, Mission and Corporate Social Responsibility should be stated clearly so as to make it more approachable
These small steps can make a business less vulnerable and more profitable in longer run.

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