Expert Franchise Solutions is a one-of-a-kind Franchise Consulting Firm.  Our professional services provide new and emerging franchisors a comprehensive platform, which includes Consulting Services, Legal Document Preparation, Core Essential Training Programs, and an array of Franchisor Support Services needed to launch and grow a new franchise company. 

Our team’s knowledge and experience will accelerate your unit level growth, increase revenue, reduce costs and enhance profitability.

We work closely with new entrepreneurs who want to learn how to franchise a business, as well as existing franchisors in the initial, early or mature stages of franchise system development.

Your goals as a franchisor are to provide the vision and road map to improve the annual income, equity, lifestyle, and retirement of your franchise partners. Our responsibility is to assist you in developing a franchise system with the right strategies to successfully achieve your regional, national, and international expansion plan.

For Franchisor

With new technologies emerging, with newer products and services and with consumer's habits and preferences undergoing change, we are glad that we are working with some path breaking franchise companies, which would bring in a new franchising era in India. We have worked hard along with our clients to have built some exciting success stories out of such entrepreneurs.

Consulting Model:

  • Strategic Planning & Business Plan Development:
  • Franchise Business Model/s
  • Franchise Obligation Rule Sheet
  • Franchisee Profile
  • Franchisee Roll-Out plan (Pan India, broken down to Regional/State & City wise)
  • Franchise Acquisition Strategy (Agent / Master / Area Developer / Unit / Multiple)
  • HR structure in alignment with growth through franchising.
  • Five Year Growth & Projection Sheet (financials for franchisor & the franchisee)
  • Franchise Business Plan for Five Years
  • Operations Consulting & Manual Development
  • Franchise Operational Procedure & Structuring
  • Operations Manual Documentation
  • Training program/s for the franchisee with structure & estimated costs (one time as well as ongoing)
  • Legal Services
  • Legal Structuring & Documentation
  • Complete Legal Agreement/s
  • Unit Franchise / Master Franchisee / Area Developer
  • Non Disclosure document/s


If a company opts for expanding its’ business through franchising then there are innumerable recurring expenses and expertise in various domains. It becomes very important for any organization to do extensive marketing by the way of advertising, PR campaigns and networking et cetera and yet be unsure of the efficacy of the same. Franchising also requires dedicated manpower / resources and infrastructure which can support the roll out plan. It is difficult to find a resource capable of actually conducting an analysis and putting the whole picture into perspective with you, but that’s our job, and we take it seriously.

Successful franchising necessitates a much more careful vetting process when evaluating the limited number of potential franchisees than would be required in the hiring of direct employees who may have experience in the concept sector. Despite putting best efforts and money, one cannot be sure of acquiring the right franchisee or no franchisee at all. There is always a risk involved in finding the right person for the right business and at the right time.

As skilled experts and consultants, we assist in the design and oversight of a franchise strategic plan tailored to YOUR needs.

Our marketing services include:

  • Classifieds Websites: Details of brands (franchise facts) are placed in classified websites to generate leads or investor database. It triggers brand awareness and reach to target group.
  • LinkedIn Promotions: Through Linkedin promotions, brands can reach the world's professionals with display ads that drive brand awareness, and keep you on prospects' minds, anywhere online. Here you reach your target audience with content valuable to them right in their LinkedIn Inboxes and drive more leads.
  • Facebook Promotions: Marketing on Facebook helps you efficiently reach all sort of the people who are most suitable for your niche. Facebook Pages and Ads work for the promotion of your desired deal.
  • E-Mail Blast: A html of the opportunity or the brand is mailed to prospective database of investors to generate good and fruitful leads.
  • SMS Blast: Franchise facts are SMSed to database of investors to generate prospective investor leads.
  • Business Associate Network: Promotion of the brand is done through our business associate network viz, etc.

We design and implement a structured lead generation and management service which includes:

  • Analysis of each enquiry to ensure they meet your profile
  • Educate the candidate on the business and the franchise role including initial introduction & fact finding calls with candidates to learn more about them
  • In-depth telephone interview to qualify the candidate. Thorough review of candidates to assess suitability for the franchise.
  • Facilitate meetings with suitable candidates and the client
  • Follow up calls and post meeting feedback supplied to the client

Our Services for lead management include the following benefits:

We provide exclusivity by offering this service to selected franchisors. We limit the number of clients that we work with to ensure the best possible services are provided.

Who we can help…

Our services are primarily geared toward two markets.

Companies seeking to franchise a business for the first time:  These clients will already have developed a successful prototype and are looking to expand through franchising.

Companies who are already franchising: These clients are looking to improve on an established franchise system, hire personnel, increase their operating efficiency, improve quality, or increase franchise sales effectiveness.

For Franchisee

At feasibility stage, we guide the investor about a business proposal taking into account the financial calculation ie expenses and ROI and sustainability of the business in the market.

Below mentioned steps are followed at feasibility stage:

  • Developing market intelligence: in market intelligence, information relevant to A Company’s market is gathered and analyzed specifically for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making in determining strategy in areas such as marketopportunity, market penetration strategy, and market development which is essential for investor.
  • Business Plan and Investment Scorecard: Business plans are shared with the investor and he is made aware of future of the business and investment needed to run it successfully.
  • Risk reward analysis: A detailed risk reward analysis is done for different brands in which investor is interested in and the result is analyzed and then counselling session is done for the investor to figure out, which business or brand suits his requirements the best.
  • Legal and Compliance Requirement: Expert Franchise Solution helps in making the checklist of legal documents needed from investor side so as to make him comfortable with the business proposal and give him confidence of legal binding at his end.


We at expert franchise solutions help investors to buy a business best suited to his needs, requirements, interest and investment bucket.

We help investors in:

  • Choosing a business format
  • Finding up the best business suited
  • Franchise training
  • Assistance in property finding

Consulting services on financial and legal matters

We help investors in negotiating with the brand which he has chosen for him and we assist him in final deal sign-up.

The complexities and ethos of working within a franchise organization has its own shares of challenges. Expert Franchise solutions along with brand imparts franchise training to the franchisees. The activity works on core areas of building the franchise organization, training the franchisor employees dealing with franchising and giving them support on the ground, effective franchisor marketing, franchisor compliances, franchisee relationship exercises and adequate responsibility assignments to ensure they work effectively towards building the business whilst working closely with the franchisees.


Expert Franchise Solutions have deep understanding of the prospective franchisee, the market conditions and the cultural sensitivities involved in recruiting franchisees across India. It works closely in training the franchisor teams to efficiently maximize on all lead generation activities and to conclude a franchise sale.

Trainings generally are conducted at the HQ or at designated locations where franchisees typically undergo a combination of a classroom and on the field training.

Trainings are also a expensive activity, hence it should always be ensured that it is done with complete preparation and with the aid of the latest technological advancements which offer a lot of features and saves time and cost. The preparations are done generally by studying the operations manuals, working at the units, studying the company’s site and CD’s provided by it and passing a preliminary test before attending a regular training programme. This generally ensures that the pre-training knowledge is imparted to the franchisees and that saves a lot of time during the regular programme. Thereafter the franchisor should ensure that the franchisee completes the training properly and is now ready to run a unit.

Thereafter additional training programmes are conducted probably once or twice a year to refresh the franchisees and update them on all the developments. Some franchisees would also need additional manager trainings including continuous on site trainings provided by the franchisor at regular intervals.

Franchisor- Franchisee Relationship Management

We at Expert Franchise solution try and maintain cordial relationship between franchisee and franchisor. We ensure that the franchisors imbibe a strong focus on the following whilst we go about their franchising:

  • Mode of working, vision and objectives are shared.
  • Training programmes
  • Shared marketing activities
  • Treating franchisees in right way as business partners.
  • Standard policies
  • Working for development of franchisees
  • Giving support to franchisees at each and every level.
  • Clear and proper communication.

Franchise Acquisition Process


We establish connect with business buyers through various marketing activities across B2B media in also in select mass media vehicles.

  • Mainline - Print
  • Franchise magazine
  • Franchise Shows
  • Online
  • Direct mailing
Lead Generation

Basic Information provided to all applicants.

Expression of Interest generated.

Franchisee profile matched & details validated.

Weekly progress sheet submitted to Brand.

Lead Management

Personal Metings & conference call, to be organized with all qualified prospects.

Backed by Site approval and reference check.

Credit verification of the applicant.


Letter of Interest signed.

Agreement Process.

Final conversion and application goes to operations for processing.